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Car Insurance FAQ

How can I cut my  incsrance costs?
You should always shop around and compare quotes from different insurers. Never renew your insurance without finding out if you can renew cheaper elsewhere.

Where do I go for quotes?
Most insurance companies can be accessed bvis money supermarket and go compare

What will they want to know?
The starting point is the type of car you want to insure. There are over 20 different insurance groups, with age, value, performance, safety factors, security and the cost of replacement parts being the main factors that dictate the category your car falls into. Clearly smaller less powerful cars are often cheaper to insure. They will alsowant to know details about you and any other people who will drive the car.

What is the difference between “Fully Comprehensive” and “3rd Party, Fire & Theft”?
The main difference is that Fully Comprehensive insurance covers you for damage to your own vehicle in an accident whether it was caused by you or not. 3rd Party insurance only covers you for damage to other people, their property if you are at fault but does not cover you for damage to your own vehicle.

Which is best? A medium priced or expensive car should always be insured fully comp. TPFT is only worth considering if your car has little or no value.

What other factors are there?
Your age, your location and where the car will be kept overninght – you will usually pay more if you live in a city than in a rural area. Parking your car on the street overnight, rather than in a garage, will also mean higher premiums.

Will my job make a difference?
It could do. Some insurers might class you as higher risk if you are a sports professional, entertainer, barman, chef or builder, among other occupations. If your job could be titled in different ways it might be worth trying out different options with your quotes.

What is a no claims bonus
You typically get a 30% discount (NCB) after one year of claim-free driving. This will normally rise to 65% after five years without a claim. But this will vary from one insurer to another. Some go up to a 70% maximum NCB, while others specialising in younger drivers will give higher no claims bonuses at an earlier stage. If you change insurers you will need to provide evidence of how many years of no claims bonus you have accumulated with your previous insurer.

Will I automatically lose my no claims bonus if I make a claim?
No. It depends whether the claim is a ‘Fault’ or ‘Not fault’ claim. This is not just a question of whether or not you were to blame for the accident, but depends on whether your insurer can recover all its costs from someone else.

Many insurers now offer the opportunity to pay a bit more to protect your no claims bonus. The rules vary, but you may be able to make two claims in three years, for example, before your bonus is affected. Protecting your bonus will not stop your insurer from hiking up the premium at renewal following a claim. But at least you won’t lose your no claims bonus on top.

How can I keep my insurance cost down?
Restrict insurance cover to one or two named drivers, rather than for anyone to drive. Have a bigger excess than the standard £50 or £100. Downsize to a smaller car.  Shop around for cover.

Expensive cars are expensive to insure

Free Theory Test App

Learning to drive is a complicated business and one of the factors involved is not just learning to control the car and pass the practical driving test, but to pass the theory test first.

Learner driver

How to Learn for the Theory Test

There are lots of excellent resources to help you to learn for the theory test from books and dvds to various different apps that you can use on your phone. One of the irritating aspects of these apps is that they only give you a small number of questions and are often jammed full of ads that you keep needing to dismiss to get to the next question.

An alterntive app that offers you the full official theory test question bank with absolutely no ads is the ADI Theory Ninja app. This app is absolutley free for a limited time. You can get full information at The app gives you the full question bank in “learning mode” whhere youu can go through the questtion bank topic by topis or “test mode” where youu can generate random tests to see when youu are up to the required standard.

What sort of questions are there? here are some sample theory test questiions:

After a collision, someone is unconscious in their vehicle. When should you call the emergency services?

Why should you make sure that your indicators are cancelled after turning at a junction?

What information is found on a vehicle registration document?

Make sure that you are ready to take your theory test by revising the full theory test question bank.

Learning to Drive in Portsmouth

Learning to drive can be a nerve-racking experience. That’s where Drive Confident Driving in Portsmouth come into their own. The whole ethos of the driving school is to help you to grow in confidence with your driving. Even the moost confident person may approach their first driving lesson with some trepidation.

Confidence in Learning to Drive

While some pre lesson nerves are understandable, it is important that you helped to overcome those nerves to help you to become a confident learner. One of the biggest hindrances to learning to drive is a lack of confidence. The Drive Confident driving school will help you with that. Their male and female driving instructors will instantly put you at your ease.. Most people hate making mistakes. However it is important not to become paralysed by a fear of making mistakes. It will only cause more problems. Where you do make mistakes your indstructor will help you to analyse what went wrong and how you can put it right in a relaxed and non judgemental way.

Automatic Driving Lessons?

Some people feel that learning to drive in an automatic car will help them. In some cases this is undoubtedly true. That’s why Drive Confident in Portsmouth offer driving lessons in both manual and automatic cars. For some people they first learn in an automatic where there is no fear of stalling and less worry about co-ordinating the pedals and then they progress to learning in a manual car when they have built up their confidence at controlling the car and dealing with different types of road situations.

If you are looking for driving lesons in Portsmouth they can be found at


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Buying your first car

Buying your first car is a big step and you want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes and end up buying a duffer! There are numerous options for car buying that you can look into.

Buying new from a main dealer

Buying new is the lowest risk in terms of buying any car. Your car will be backed by a full manufacturers warranty which will normally last for  or 3 or even up to 6 years depending on the manufacturer and the mileage that you do. Of course most people will find that buying a brand new  car is way too expensive! Also, most people are likely to have a bit of a scrape or two in the first year of driving, so having a brand new car is not going to be the best option.

Buying second hand from a main dealer

As well as selling brand new cars, most main dealers sell used cars that are up to 2 or 3 years old. These are liely o be cars that have a reasonably low mileage, well maintained and in goofd condition. You will get the balance of the manufacturers warranty as well as a a more limited warranty from the dealer themselves eg 3 months.

Buying second hand from a non-main dealer

While main dealers are monitored and backed by the manufacturer that they are associated with, anyone can set themselves up as a car dealer. There are trade associations that should help to maintain reasonable standards, but there is no requirement to belong and the only real body who will intervene are the local trading standards. So if you want to but from a second hand car dealer, it is wise to get some background information. Hopefully they are a local business to where you live so you know how long they have been in business and what kind of reputatation they have locally. With second hand car dealers it’s wise to get other peoples views on the dealer. Also it is wise to get someone who knows something about cars to have alook over any car that you are thinking of purchasing.

Buying privately

Buying privately has become much less popular in recent times. You have no comeback if there is anything wrong with the vehicle. The latin phrase “caveat emptor” – buyer beware operates in the case of private sales. You should definiotely ensure that you get a qualified mechanic to look over a car before you buy privately. make sure that you see details of the service history and past MoT certificates that will help you to verify the mileage and what work has been done on the car.

Could this be your first car?