Buying Your First Car

You’ve just passed your driving test and are looking for your first car. Where should you buy from? how much should you pay?

Where to buy your first car

Assuming you are not buying a brand new car then there are several options as to where you can buy your first car

  1. Main Dealers
    These are the people who sell brand new cars under an agreement with the manufacturers. They also sell nearly new cars but are unlikely to have anything more than two or three years old. With main dealers you will be paying a little extra, but you will know that you should be dealing with a business with a good reputation. Although bear in mind that’s not a guarantee! Some main dealers such as Arnold Clarke don’t have a very good reputation
  2. Car Supermarkets
    Generally these outlets tend to offer good prices and have a decent reputation. They have good buying power when it comes to buying vehicles and an economy of scale that enables them to sell at reasonable prices.
  3. Local Dealers
    Some local dealers give a good deal. they are a local business with a local reputation to uphold
  4. From the side of the Road
    Sometimes you see cars offered for sale by small time dealers from the side of the road with a “for sale” notice stuck in the window. Best avoided!
  5. Ebay.
    For car purchase Ebay is a slightly risky option. Only worth it if you really know what you’re doing.
  6. Local ads, Gumtree
    You might get a good deal or you might get taken for a ride. If the bargain looks to good to be true it probably is! However, there are good deals to be had.

Wherever you are buying from there are some things you can do to safeguard yourself.

Find out about the vehicle history – how many owners has it had?

Has it got any service history?

Does it have an MOT? – You can check a vehicle’s MOT status free here:

Are there any obvious signs of accident damage?