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Buying Your First Car

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You’ve just passed your driving test and are looking for your first car. Where should you buy from? how much should you pay?

Where to buy your first car

Assuming you are not buying a brand new car then there are several options as to where you can buy your first car

  1. Main Dealers
    These are the people who sell brand new cars under an agreement with the manufacturers. They also sell nearly new cars but are unlikely to have anything more than two or three years old. With main dealers you will be paying a little extra, but you will know that you should be dealing with a business with a good reputation. Although bear in mind that’s not a guarantee! Some main dealers such as Arnold Clarke don’t have a very good reputation
  2. Car Supermarkets
    Generally these outlets tend to offer good prices and have a decent reputation. They have good buying power when it comes to buying vehicles and an economy of scale that enables them to sell at reasonable prices.
  3. Local Dealers
    Some local dealers give a good deal. they are a local business with a local reputation to uphold
  4. From the side of the Road
    Sometimes you see cars offered for sale by small time dealers from the side of the road with a “for sale” notice stuck in the window. Best avoided!
  5. Ebay.
    For car purchase Ebay is a slightly risky option. Only worth it if you really know what you’re doing.
  6. Local ads, Gumtree
    You might get a good deal or you might get taken for a ride. If the bargain looks to good to be true it probably is! However, there are good deals to be had.

Wherever you are buying from there are some things you can do to safeguard yourself.

Find out about the vehicle history – how many owners has it had?

Has it got any service history?

Does it have an MOT? – You can check a vehicle’s MOT status free here:

Are there any obvious signs of accident damage?


What is a Good First Car?

Driving your car is surely a dream come to you particularly in the event that you would like to travel in places you have ever wanted together with your friends or love ones. However, it is best to know when to buy a car and know every detail of it including its price. So what is a good first car to buy after you pass your driving test?


But if you are all set to Buying a Car, then this it is only appropriate for you to read these how to get a car tip to prevent unnecessary problems after you got you. As there are a lot of brands that you can choose from in any car market, you have to scrutinize every detail and including the cost.



Tip 1 – Know what you want


The very first thing on your head is to understand which sort of car you really want. It is possible to use the Internet or you can go to a car shop right in your area. Additionally, there are car dealers who can help you if in the event you are undecided. In this manner, they will help you concerning what sort of car that can fit your personality.


Besides this, you may also decide if you want to Buy Brand New Car or a second-hand car. Remember that there’s a gap between the two. If in the event you want to purchase a brand new one, you will certainly pay a higher cost (but it is safer). Having a secondhand car, the cost is lower. However, you have to be strict in determining the complete details of this secondhand vehicle.


Tip 2 – Check the details


The following idea about the best way to get a car tip is to look at all details of the vehicle you’ve decided on. Well, you need to be vigilant on the color the mileage and every detail of the automobile. Additionally, you must check for the security features of the car. This is essential since security should always be the priority of the car company.


Don’t worry about asking about the details since it is your right because you’re the customer here. Additionally, you have to check whether the vehicle you need to purchase meets the criteria in driving.


Tip 3 – Check the price


The cost of the car also needs to be considered. Car fans know when to buy a vehicle. This is when automobile companies advertise to get an inventory sale. This would only mean that at the end of the inventory and the car isn’t sellable in accordance with their album, they will eventually lower the purchase price of the car simply to sell it. Take this to your advantage and have a reduction in buying a car that you desire.


It’s also a fantastic idea to plan ahead particularly if you’re on a tight budget. Among the best ideas on the best way best to buy a car tip is to decide if you want to buy a car is to avoid using your credit card. That is because credit companies will charge you a massive interest.


It is better to Buying a car in cash since there’ll be no interest and reduction may even be given to you.


With the best way to get a car tip, you will surely know when to buy a car and where to buy a vehicle. Go now and purchase the car you have always wanted my friend!

Cars 4 You – Buying cars online

The convenience of the internet has given consumers an option to shop in the comforts of one’s home. In reality, you find great bargains and cars 4 you online if you’re resourceful enough in locating them and you also know where to locate them.


If you opt for buying cars on the internet, there are however a lot of things that you need to consider. Remember that although purchasing on the internet is convenient enough, you will also never know who you are managing online and there a lot of unscrupulous people that are also benefiting from the anonymity in the virtual universe.


Really, you can find good deals on buying cars online but you have to be cautious too. Below are some tips to aid you in getting a great deal on cars on the internet.


Car Repossessions

Take advantage of authorities seized vehicles which are sold in auctions on the internet. The government, through many agencies that seized illegally acquired possessions, or those properties from drug lords and those who have obligations in earnings. Aside from onsite auctions, these cars 4 you have been posted online in government auctions sites to permit individuals to bid and buy.


Repossessed cars are also great finds on the web. These are vehicles taken over by banks and other agencies as payment for unpaid loans etc and these are really great places where you can find great cars, from new ones who still even have warranties.


Used cars will also be throughout the internet. You can find a lot of these in almost any circumstance and version. You may actually find a lot of sites online and just a record of great websites where you are able to discover online auctions of vehicles, wholesale of used vehicles in addition to new ones. However, even if online shopping is suitable, there’s always a need to see the device.


Though you can see pictures of the cars you wish to buy online, it’s strongly advisable to inspect the vehicle entirely by viewing it in actual. It is essential to note that in the event that you opt to buy government seized vehicles, then you won’t get warranties for any damages or defects, so you’ve got to be responsible of assessing the vehicle before buying it.


Keep in mind that if you’re buying cars online through auctions, it’s important that you bid only on items that you truly wish to purchase. You’ve got to take notice that in stocks, the price can still go up based on the amount of bidders as well as just how much they are willing to pay for the product, so avoid being carried away with bidding for an item that you are not really that enthusiastic about. You need to learn your limitations too.


Another important thing you have to do is to refrain from giving out your credit card info or other financial advice online. Indeed, there are individuals who make the most of the selling and purchasing transactions online and might steal identities of other people or worse, steal your financial information, so always be safe and bonded in giving out your info online.