Free Theory Test App

Learning to drive is a complicated business and one of the factors involved is not just learning to control the car and pass the practical driving test, but to pass the theory test first.

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How to Learn for the Theory Test

There are lots of excellent resources to help you to learn for the theory test from books and dvds to various different apps that you can use on your phone. One of the irritating aspects of these apps is that they only give you a small number of questions and are often jammed full of ads that you keep needing to dismiss to get to the next question.

An alterntive app that offers you the full official theory test question bank with absolutely no ads is the ADI Theory Ninja app. This app is absolutley free for a limited time. You can get full information at The app gives you the full question bank in “learning mode” whhere youu can go through the questtion bank topic by topis or “test mode” where youu can generate random tests to see when youu are up to the required standard.

What sort of questions are there? here are some sample theory test questiions:

After a collision, someone is unconscious in their vehicle. When should you call the emergency services?

Why should you make sure that your indicators are cancelled after turning at a junction?

What information is found on a vehicle registration document?

Make sure that you are ready to take your theory test by revising the full theory test question bank.