Learning to Drive in Portsmouth

Learning to drive can be a nerve-racking experience. That’s where Drive Confident Driving in Portsmouth come into their own. The whole ethos of the driving school is to help you to grow in confidence with your driving. Even the moost confident person may approach their first driving lesson with some trepidation.

Confidence in Learning to Drive

While some pre lesson nerves are understandable, it is important that you helped to overcome those nerves to help you to become a confident learner. One of the biggest hindrances to learning to drive is a lack of confidence. The Drive Confident driving school will help you with that. Their male and female driving instructors will instantly put you at your ease.. Most people hate making mistakes. However it is important not to become paralysed by a fear of making mistakes. It will only cause more problems. Where you do make mistakes your indstructor will help you to analyse what went wrong and how you can put it right in a relaxed and non judgemental way.

Automatic Driving Lessons?

Some people feel that learning to drive in an automatic car will help them. In some cases this is undoubtedly true. That’s why Drive Confident in Portsmouth offer driving lessons in both manual and automatic cars. For some people they first learn in an automatic where there is no fear of stalling and less worry about co-ordinating the pedals and then they progress to learning in a manual car when they have built up their confidence at controlling the car and dealing with different types of road situations.

If you are looking for driving lesons in Portsmouth they can be found at www.driveconfidentdriving.co.uk